Punishing Records

DarkRise - Fear, Hate & Corruption

Fear, Hate & Corruption

Release date 
: PR-001CD
: Death Metal

Track list
  1. Do Or Die
  2. Allegiance
  3. You'll Burn For This
  4. Cold
  5. Blinded
  6. A Solid Plan
  7. End Of Our World
  8. Just Before
  9. Fire
  10. Christ Sucks

For this album, DarkRise went to The Parlour Studios to work with famous producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, Evile, The Rotted, etc.), bring on a fresh sounds and do some further networking in England.

Music wise, DarkRise maintained their trademarks (e.g. slap-bass, blast beats, hardcore influences, etc.) while adding new elements such as punk and thrash beats. They also put a lot more work into the lyrics, trying to compose songs rather than pieces and paid special attention to vary the tempi from song to song.

The title, Fear, Hate & Corruption, makes reference to the way our world is working nowadays. This theme runs like a golden thread through almost all the songs and is reflected in the artwork, created by Killustrations (Aborted, Dew-Scented, The Crown, etc.). Just like DarkRise chose a new studio and producer to work with, they wanted something different for this album than for the previous two.